Unsecured Business Loan

SME and Large Businesses often find themselves in urgent need of short-term funding. The value that an unsecured business loan can create for the business is often much higher than the actual cost of funding.

For existing and profitable businesses with audited financial statements for 1-3 years, we offer hassle-free and collateral free best unsecured business loans at low interest rates, processed within 7 days through our partner Banks and NBFCs.

For Unsecured Business Loans processed through our partner Banks and NBFCs, we offer up to 0.3% of the unsecured business loan amount as Cashback.

To claim cashback, you need to submit proof of Unsecured Business Loan EMI payment on support@msmemitra.com within 15 days of the 1st EMI becoming due. Cashback will be credited to your account after due verification and confirmation from the Financial Institution.

Fill the following details to apply for an Unsecured Business Loan and become eligible for the Cashback offer:

Business Size
Manufacturing (PPE)
Services (PPE)
Micro - Less than Rs 25 lac
Micro - Less than Rs 10 lac
Small - Between Rs 25 Lac - 5 Crores
Small - Between Rs 10 Lac - 2 Crores
Medium - Between Rs 5 - 10 Crores
Medium - Between Rs 2 - 5 Crores
Business Type

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